Repowering the Dredge Oregon for the 21st Century

The Port of Portland owns and operates the Dredge Oregon which maintains the Columbia River navigation channel on behalf of the Army Corps of Engineers and other ports in the region. Dredging the channel provides ships with a safe and reliable transit route. The dredge operates around the clock, typically from June through January each year, working from the Columbia River bar near Astoria and inland to Portland Harbor.

The active schedule required for this big job also means that the Dredge Oregon was identified by the Port as its single largest source of diesel particulate emissions.  In late 2012, the Port began replacing the vessel’s 1960s-era engine with more modern and efficient engines. Once the project is complete, the vessel will burn significantly less fuel, reducing diesel particulate emissions by 88 percent.

David Breen, Air Quality Manager, 503.415.6811

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