Food Donation Takes off at PDX

Restaurants at Portland International Airport are now providing local meals programs with nutritious ready-to-eat food. The Port of Portland helped set up agreements between the restaurants and St. Vincent de Paul of Portland to fight hunger in the Portland metro area. The program at PDX allows restaurants to donate unsold, ready-to-eat food products such as sandwiches, salads, parfaits, baked goods, and produce to SVdP.

The idea for the program came when the Port’s waste minimization team, which closely monitors waste streams at PDX, noticed that a lot of good quality food ended up in compost bins. One of the main goals of the waste minimization team is to get items that can serve a higher and better purpose out of the Port’s waste streams.

The food donation program started off strong in February 2013 and now provides SVdP with an average of over 1,800 meals per month. Interest among concessionaires at PDX has been enthusiastic. “None of our airport employees like to see food go to waste, but it’s a challenging problem for an individual employee or tenant to solve,” says waste minimization program manager, Stan Jones. The Port is also encouraging neighboring hotels, restaurants and flight kitchens to take advantage of SVdP’s pick-up route.

“We are proud to sponsor St. Vincent de Paul and feel honored for the opportunity to help fight hunger in our community,” says Jones. “We are pleased to get this extra food to the people who need it most.”

Stan Jones, Land Quality Manager, 503.415.6679

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