Supporting Portland’s Urban Tree Canopy

The Port of Portland has contributed annually to Friends of Trees to support urban tree canopy enhancements in the Portland metropolitan area since 2008. Along the way, Port employees have volunteered at Friends of Trees planting events in neighborhoods surrounding Port properties including Cully, Beaumont-Wilshire, Madison South, Rose City Park, and Roseway.

When the Port completed Airport Futures, the integrated, long-range master planning process for Portland International Airport, one outcome was an additional annual commitment of support for tree canopy enhancements in the Columbia Slough watershed.

Due to the nature of the Port’s operations, from time to time the Port must take actions which impact the urban tree canopy. For example, to keep passengers safe at PDX, the Port must follow Federal Aviation Administration restrictions on the number, type and height of trees allowed near the airfield. The Port never takes removing trees lightly and is happy to support Friends of Trees in their ongoing efforts to bring businesses and neighbors together to plant trees.

Chris White, Community Affairs Manager, 503.415.6056

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