Welcoming Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Hybrid and electric vehicles are now a common sight at Port of Portland facilities. The fleet pool at the Port’s headquarters building includes ten hybrid vehicles and three electric vehicles (and one bicycle!). Public electric vehicle charging stations are now available at Portland International Airport. Located on the 4th Floor of the short-term parking garage, the Level 2 charging stations can supply a charge in up to six parking stalls and two additional chargers are set up for visitors using the Gold Key Valet service.

For many of the hybrid vehicles sold on the U.S. West Coast, the Port’s Terminal 4 and Terminal 6 are their first point of entry. Hybrids seen around town likely may have come in right through Portland. Not only are hybrids themselves lighter on air emissions, the Toyota auto import facility at Terminal 4 also works to reduce the impact of its operations. The facility is a LEED Gold certified green building and the first industrial site in the nation to be Salmon Safe certified.

Michael Smelser, Fleet Manager, 503.415.6623

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