Cutting Emissions by Parking Smart

Sometimes environmental improvements also include great customer service. Travelers love the parking guidance system installed at Portland International Airport parking garages that show drivers how many spaces are available on each floor. The system uses red and green lights to guide drivers to open spaces, eliminating the slow hunt for a space in a busy garage, cutting emissions and getting passengers on their way faster and with less frustration.

When PDX visitors are returning to their vehicles, they are encouraged to use the Quick Pay kiosks. Paying for parking on foot in the parking garage or terminal tunnels allows visitors to avoid waiting in line in their car, saving time and reducing emissions from idling vehicles. The kiosks have cut the average wait time per passenger from one and a half minutes to 15 seconds.

The Cell Phone Waiting Lot also reduces idling and the amount of vehicles slowly circling around the terminal. Airport visitors can stop and park for free in the lot until friends and family are ready to be picked up.  

Steve Koester, Parking Systems Manager, 503.415.6529

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