Terminal 6 Paves the Way to Infiltration

When Port of Portland tenant, Auto Warehousing Company wanted to expand their operations for more auto storage at marine Terminal 6, the Port identified an opportunity to manage 100 percent of stormwater from the project onsite.

The Port installed 35 acres of porous pavement at Terminal 6 and a system of swales and natural vegetation to handle heavy seasonal rainstorms. The porous pavement more closely mimics a natural hydrologic system, allowing slower infiltration of stormwater back into waterways, filtering out pollutants and lowering temperatures before it is returned to the system.

While costs for materials were greater, the project resulted in an overall savings due to reduced permitting fees associated with selecting a sustainable stormwater solution. The project was a success both environmentally and for the Port’s bottom line.

Dorothy Sperry, Environmental Affairs Manager, 503.415.6642

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