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PDX Citizen Committee Considers Military Special Landings

The Portland International Airport Citizen Noise Advisory Committee’s Thursday meeting will focus on a military request to expand a special aircraft landing procedure at PDX.

The meeting runs from 5:30-8 p.m. in the St. Helens B conference room in the airport. The community is encouraged to attend, and public comments and questions are invited at 6:40 p.m. The full agenda is available at

The committee is considering a request by the Oregon Air National Guard to expand use of continuous descent overhead approach landings at PDX. The tactical maneuver increases pilot safety when landing in actual combat situations. With the procedure, pilots begin their descent from a higher altitude, reduce power and then circle close to the ends of the runways while landing.

Oregon Air National Guard has conducted this procedure since October 2009 and last year requested expanded use of the procedure. The committee recommended a six-month trial period of the expanded procedure that began in May 2017. The Port of Portland Noise Office evaluated the trial period, as outlined in this report, and supports one of five requests for expanded procedures, as detailed on page 21. That request is to use the procedure on the west ends of PDX’s two primary runways in addition to current use on only the east ends. Additional background on the procedure is found here and at

The committee is the Port’s official forum for working with the community on issues related to aircraft noise. Committee representatives are from northwest Oregon and southwest Washington. Eleven members are appointed by various city and county jurisdictions, and four representatives are appointed by the Port to maintain geographic diversity on the committee. Technical assistance is provided by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Oregon Air National Guard.

For more information or directions to the meeting, please contact the Port noise management hotline (503) 460-4100 or (800) 938-6647. Those with special needs who plan to attend the meeting are asked to contact the Port for accommodations.


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