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Parking Rates and Ground Transportation Fees Changing at PDX

Nearly 25,000 vehicles use Northeast Airport Way daily—making it the busiest cul-du-sac in the state—either to park, drop off, or pick up family, friends and customers at Portland International Airport.

After years without increases, on June 11, the daily parking rates at the airport’s Valet, Long- Term Garage and Economy Lots will change. The fees are also increasing for ground transportation providers such as taxis, rideshares, on-demand shuttles and charter buses.

Revenues from parking and ground transportation fees pay for the costs associated with providing, maintaining and operating the facilities used by customers and operators. Revenues also funds current and future parking and roadway capital projects.

Parking Rates

 Valet, Long-Term and Economy Lot changes:


Hourly Rate

Current Rate

New Rate

Gold Key Valet




Short-Term Garage




Long-Term Garage




Economy Parking Lot




There will be no changes to the hourly parking rates, and no changes to the rate in the Short- Term Garage. The airport will continue to offer the seventh day free in the Economy Parking Lot for travelers staying for a week.

PDX offers additional benefits for customers and employees.

  • The disabled parking rate of $12/day in available in either the Short- or Long-Term Garages or the Economy Lot.
  • Disabled veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces can park for free in the Economy Lot for up to a maximum of 14 consecutive days.
  • Motorcycle and bicycle parking at the terminal is free.
  • PDX has a bike/pedestrian path that leads users to the front of the terminal.

It has been four years since there was a rate change in the parking garages, and nearly 10 years since the rate changed in the Economy Parking Lot. The Gold Key Valet rates haven’t changed since the airport started offering the service in October 2007.

Ground Transportation Fees

Only about 29 percent of the airport’s customers arrive at PDX and park a private vehicle. Twenty-five percent of travelers use an app-based rideshare, ride an off-site shuttle, or take a taxi or town car—all forms of ground transportation which will see fee changes on June 11, too. [For those doing the math, the remaining 46 percent of travelers arrive at PDX by private vehicle drop-offs, in rental cars, or on the MAX Red Line.]

Ground transportation fee changes:


Current Rate

New Rate

TNC Pick-up



TNC Drop-off



Taxi Pick-up



On-demand Shuttle



Charter Buses



Transportation Network Companies (such as Uber, Lyft, Wingz) are not charged a vehicle permit fee as there are more than 7,000 cars operating as TNCs within the city. The TNC industry is very fluid as drivers enter and exit the market daily. Since the individual vehicles do not have permits, these services are charged a pick-up and drop-off fee.

Taxis and on-demand shuttles (including limos, town cars, door-to-door vans, HUT shuttle, etc.) are issued vehicle-specific permits. As such, these are the only vehicles permitted to pick up passengers at PDX and are only charged a passenger pick-up fee. Taxi services in communities further from the airport, for example, do not have vehicle-specific permits which allow passenger pick-ups but they can drop off passengers without additional fees.

Ground transportation rates aim to provide equal access and opportunity for all modes of transportation to and from the airport.


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