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A Women-in-Aviation Themed Bar Opens at Portland International Airport

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March 14, 2022 – Portland, OR – Apropos to all things aviation during Women’s History Month, the Lightning Bar Collective collaborated with ChefsTable to open Juliett, a women-in-aviation themed bar, at Portland  International Airport. Juliett will formally open Saturday, March 19th, 2022.

Juliett offers travelers beautifully curated cocktails, custom-made beers, sustainably-sourced wines, unique and intricate lighting, and sweeping eastward views of Mount Hood from the end of PDX’s Concourse E.

The centerpiece of the Juliett space is the welcoming circular bar flanked by 5 tall, intricate tree-like lighting fixtures. These unique structures were fabricated by BuildStable, a 6-person team that worked with the local
independent lighting designer Lightlite.

Juliett celebrates women aviators and features most prominently Berta Moraleda, Bessie Coleman, Micky Axton and Hazel Ying Lee. A portrait of each, with details of their accolades, is showcased in the bar’s space. Fracture Brewing crafted six beers to honor each of these aviators and women’s aviation accomplishments. See the taplist.

Coopers Hall Winery is providing the wine, which is on tap and served directly out of stainless-steel vessels, an environmentally friendly and more sustainable approach to serving wine. Juliett offers the most beautiful and
interesting cocktails in the airport featuring eleven cocktails developed by the team at Lightning Bar Collective.

“The cocktail menu was designed by our partner Adam Ohlsson, inspired by the themes of aviation and travel. The drinks aspire to be classy and sophisticated but relatable, with several riffs on 1940’s and 50’s classics, and a particular focus on flavors inspired by warm weather to compliment the excitement of journeying.” - Liam Duffy, Lightning Bar Collective Co-Founder.

The bar seats 90 and will be opening full-time beginning March 19th, 2022.

“Lightning Bar Collective and ChefStable opened their first bar/restaurants around the same time in 2008. They opened up the Bye and Bye and we opened up Ping. We finally partnered together on a couple projects many years later and it turns out we really loved working together. When the opportunity at the airport came up, I asked Lightning Bar Collective to partner with us to develop a concept for the airport’s first cocktail bar, Juliett. The opportunity to come up with a brand-new concept for an airport bar was really unique and probably the most exciting part about Juliett. I believe it is the first time that the Port of Portland has ever asked for someone to develop a concept specifically for the Portland airport. We wanted to come up with a design, look, feel and theme that celebrated how awesome the Portland airport is and, by extension, to reflect how proud we are to be Portlanders.

When the airport opened up applications for the E & B Concourse, ChefStable decided to submit five different applications and we were fortunate enough to be awarded two spaces: for Juliett and Good Coffee, which will be in the B Concourse. We thought for years about the idea of trying to open something at the airport, but the whole process seemed incredibly intimidating and downright scary. Once I finally got around to doing real research and talking to people like Jackie and Adam Sappington from the Country Cat, I realized that the Portland airport had created an infrastructure and environment where it was possible for independent operators like us to thrive.” - Kurt Huffman, ChefStable Founder.

“I have been working at PDX Airport since 2008. I was 16 years old when I started here and I haven't left. What I love about Juliett that it's all about women empowerment and it's so different from all the other airport
restaurants. The bar is so beautiful, everything from the trees to the plates to the bar glass. Watching the team build it from scratch has been such an amazing experience and I can not wait to open!” - Bonnie Gaitan, Juliett General Manager. (Juliett is currently hiring. Please email to inquire.)

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