PDX Construction Updates

If you’ve visited PDX recently, you might have noticed a few changes — like the fact we’ve removed the ceiling pre-security. Work is beginning on a series of projects to bring more of the uniquely PDX things you love about the airport. Before we say hello to a new main terminal, we have to make some room for a more open and spacious design.

Here is what you can expect the next time you come to PDX.


Here’s what we’re making while this pre-security area is closed. 

Clocktower Plaza

The Clocktower Plaza, also known as the row of shops and restaurants located pre-security, closed for good in April 2021. You might have heard some people refer to this area as the Oregon Market as well. Don’t worry, you can still get coffee, food and gifts before you go through security. And you’ll find all those things – and more – near your boarding gate. 

You should know that things might start to get a little louder. We’re keeping everything at safe levels, but if you have any fliers who are sensitive to noise, we recommend planning ahead and bringing along earplugs or headphones. 

Why is this happening? We’re starting work to create brighter, more open spaces. When the new main terminal opens, this area – including the ticket counters and pre-security shops and restaurants – is going to look a little different. But our commitment to bringing travelers and employees local flavors and brands won’t change. In fact, we plan to double the number of local shops and restaurants. 

What else can I expect? These changes might leave you with some questions, so we’ve put together a construction explainer to guide you through the milestones of the key PDX Next projects this year. 

Got additional questions after reading all of this? Scroll down to explore our Frequently Asked Questions below or email hello@pdxnext.com

Security checkpoints have changed a little at PDX. 

Double-check your boarding pass and follow the signs to the correct line.

Concourse Connector

The walkway that joins the airport's South concourses (B, C) with its North concourses (D, E) closed on January 5, 2021, and will remain closed until the new main terminal at PDX opens in late 2023. Passengers should carefully check their boarding passes and make sure to use the security checkpoint at PDX that matches their gate location.

How will this closure impact your travel experience at PDX and what are we doing to help? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below or email hello@pdxnext.com.

Fun Fact: To make sure nothing goes to waste, PDX construction pros upcycled the Concourse Connector into a convenient detour so you can avoid disruption while we upgrade the main terminal.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Clocktower Plaza

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