PDX Red Lot Vaccine Clinic

At the Port of Portland, we believe vaccination is the single best health and economic recovery tool for this region. That’s why we collaborated with OHSU and the American Red Cross to launch a drive-thru vaccination clinic at the PDX Red Economy Parking Lot. The site launched on January 21 and will continue to operate as long as the service is needed. 

Who’s Involved

OHSU oversees all components of vaccine distribution at the Red Lot. That includes determining who is eligible, running registration, and administering the vaccine. The Port provides logistical expertise and offered the site at no cost to OHSU. Red Cross volunteers are helping keep the site moving smoothly.

Vaccine Eligibility

OHSU is in charge of determining vaccine eligibility, following state guidelines

Not sure if you’re eligible? Visit Get Vaccinated Oregon. If you're eligible, the tool will direct you to book an appointment at either the Oregon Convention Center, the PDX Red Lot, or a location closer to you.

Appointments Required

If you are eligible, head to the OHSU website to book an appointment. Once your appointment is confirmed, OHSU will send you detailed instructions and a map to get to the Red Lot. 

Hours Vary

Due to vaccine supply, the hours and dates at this site will vary. OHSU will be doing their best to keep hours and dates up to date on their website (scroll down to the "OHSU vaccination locations" section). 

Why the PDX Red Economy LoT

As OHSU shared in this news story, the Red Economy Lot became a vaccine clinic thanks to one fateful conversation. Abby Tibbs, OHSU’s vice president for public affairs and marketing, and Kristen Leonard, chief public affairs officer at the Port, were having one of their regular check-in calls when Tibbs mentioned the logistical challenges with vaccine distribution.

Fortunately, managing large-scale operations is what the Port does every day. We also had a parking lot that was empty due to low air travel numbers. The rest, as they say, is history.

In the words of our chief operating officer, Dan Pippenger, “We’re all in. We’re a public agency and we believe this is a role we can play – beyond the movement of passengers and cargo – to help our broader community.”

Can I volunteer?

OHSU is looking for volunteers who are qualified to provide vaccinations in Oregon. While they are not accepting volunteers in other roles, they expect to in the future. If you’re interested in volunteering, sign up for updates on the OHSU website.

Relevant Links

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  • Parking: The airport is still open and operational. While OHSU is using the PDX Red Economy Lot for the vaccine clinic, the Blue Economy Lot is still available for parking.
  • Airport COVID-19 updates: Looking for details on how we’re keeping PDX safe for travelers? Head to our Travel Safe page to learn more and get all your air travel questions answers.